Hallowing Wings


“Old folks die all the time…”

Bob Lemming was in love. Eighty-two years on God’s Green Earth and it’d come ‘long eventually…

Catherine Wells’d fallen hard too, like a school girl with a deep and unending crush…

But the Hallowing Wings Nursing Home was no place to be in love…

And with the fresh evil that’d descended, age was only relative if you were old.

Old folks die all the time,

and the ambulance sirens don’t chime.

It’s flat on your back and out cha go,

Gotta flip the bed for the new one ya know.

Spuds and meatloaf are served at five, and there’ll be delicious raspberry sherbet for snack later. The Elvis impersonator begins crooning at seven-thirty…

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     Told by one of the best story-tellers in the business the activities of the Hallowing Wings Nursing Home will have you laughing right out loud as the pages fly by.  Reaching the end of their lives you get a clear picture of folks who plan on leaving on their backs, as well as a glimpse of their prior lives.  The lives they lived before age spots, arthritic gaits, and memory lapses became the norm. 
     At its core Hallowing Wings is a love story told by a master…


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