Channel Cats eBook


The catfish are biting with far less enthusiasm than the mosquitos that buzz in a pack overhead; biting on a timeless schedule that remains a mystery to each and every night fisherman who’s ever donned a pole and dunked bait in the warm waters a few miles outside Shreveport, Louisiana.

The small aluminum tub that’s been compared favorably to an actual boat contains two men.  One dreams of winning the big Channel Catfish Tournament that’s a week away, an Annual Tournament where he’s typically netted the great grandson of the big catfish that wins ‘best overall’.  He’d like, just once, to use two hands while bringing his catch to the scales.  The other is thinking of his kinda girlfriend, a woman so obsessed with a hidden treasure he’s kinda pondering breaking off their semi-relationship.

But then his line gets a little nudge……….

Enter into a world where catfishing and stashed loot blend together into a hilarious tale that’ll have you giggling right out loud!



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