From Greier’s Publishing…



For those who believe in the world of a positive mindset, Greier’s Publishing brings you: Three. These three tales, presented back to back, were created to make you feel alive. From the unburdening of Clevis Pladstock’s soul to the sound of a catfish flailing in the Louisiana water, these stories will take you to a place you have been longing to go.

Written over time, these three novellas, told by three different authors, blend in a harmony that will cultivate the smile that breaks out across your lips for no apparent reason. Connie Stellek, mother of one and wife of none, brings you her tale of feminine power in the face of an insurmountable evil. She truly creates strength from that which was overpowering weakness. Old codger, Unis Shellington IV, brings forth a hilarious tale of hidden treasure in conjunction with a catfish tournament where the outcome is preordained. The bizarre nature of his story is equaled only by the bizarre nature of the man. Unis will have you laughing out loud. And the final ingredient to your enriching read will be Wyvern, the tale of the IDJIT murders in Idaho. Combining the ramblings of an old man (Clevis Pladstock) with the realities of a juvenile group home, Robert Greier Jr. spins a world that will keep your mind engaged throughout the storytelling.

We sometimes forget that we read for pleasure.